Tuesday, August 23, 2005

T-shirts in Union Square

Tonight I was passing through Union Square and there was this guy selling all sorts of T-shirts. One of them was a Hitler/Bush shirt with a caption that read Same Shit, Different Asshole. He also had a T-shirt that said "Capitalism breeds poverty". when I asked him how much it was he said it was seventeen dollars, so I called him a greedy capitalist bastard. Then he launches in to a tirade about how Diesel charges $50 and how hard it is to make a living doing this.

First, I think that he just misssed the irony.

Second, if he stopped selling T-shirts with pictures of Hitler, he might stand a chance of making a better living.

What a dumb bastard.

It's times like this that I second-guess my willingness to die defending this SOB's freedom of speeech.

(Oh, and speaking of sick T-shirts. . . )


bec said...

maybe he just didn't understand the t-shirts he was selling, hahahahaaa!

bec said...

sorry for two in a row, but i just wanted to mention that someone should really start selling t-shirts that say "I HATE CINDY SHEEHAN" because, ya know, i hate cindy sheehan.

Anonymous said...

Native Nu Yawkers don't actually buy those t-shirts, right? I've seen those guys and I thought it was a touristy thing. Because Canadians would totally buy stuff like that. I would be proud that America is so free that its president is regularly skewered, barbecued and devoured by the public. (not that those shirts aren't hugely annoying, but America is just SO GOTDAMN RIDICULOUSLY FREE it gives me the shivers. In a good way!)

Joclyn said...

"Bush killed my son"
- slogan of the new Parents who Promote Homosexual Acts as Opposed to the More Deadly Heterosexual Ones, or PwPHAaOttMDHO.

They're what's known in the lobbying world as "a start-up."

Anonymous said...

well, if anyone's intersted in throwing eggs at windy sheehan, she's coming to st. francis college in october. funny how a few months ago at st. francis college, a bunch of palestinian students showed up to bash israel in a jews against the israeli occupation- and brooklyn parents for peace-co-sponsored event, which someone at my paper wrote about, i thought, rather biasedly, and which i had to address with a strongly worded anonymous letter.
shoshele, i, for one, do not wear t-shirts like that, although i did sport one that said "jewcy" for a while.

Karl said...

St. Francis never struck me as such an activist institution. I didn't think people really cared around there. Do they?

Also, Cindy Sheehan is alreaady booked for October? I didn't realize how much she was capitalizing on her son's death.

bec said...

um, did i neglect to mention that I HATE CINDY SHEEHAN????
oh, in that case,

Anonymous said...

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