Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bret Easton Ellis

Bret Easton Ellis has been a favorite author of mine since I read his controversial American Psycho when it came out in 1991. I also really liked his Glamorama. He just came out with a new book, Lunar Park which looks pretty good.

Tonight, and also last Wednesday, I went to hear him. Tonight he spoke at Coliseum Books and on Wednesday at Barnes and Noble at Union Square. I actually missed his reading at Barnes and Noble.

Anyway between the two times I saw him I had him sign four of my books. One was signed to a person very dear to me, who unfortunately is fictional.

He is very interesting to hear. He is interesting in that he has so little to say. It is almost as if he is trying to say "just read the damned book and enjoy it". He claims to have no insight in to people, no idea how he gets these ideas, nothing deep in the narrative. . . One is inclined to want to side with him though since he does write some pretty good books.

(The pic is by Whistling in the Dark, is currently unavailable)


Anonymous said...

You're getting books signed to fictional people?.....sigh......
That's so.....Karl. :)
This is bad but I didn't know American Psycho was a book. I didn't like the movie.

Karl said...

It is something Karl would do, and did ;)