Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the media spectacle

I was in my parents' home yesterday and the news was on and there was a story about Cindy Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan lost her son in Iraq and now wants to talk to President Bush.

The first thing that one has to realize is that you really can't be too angry at a woman who lost her son in war. She deserves our sympathy. Everyone knows this, but she and her new Michael Moore-like friends are exploiting this. They are exploiting her, and they are exploiting her dead son. I am sure her son, who signed up for the Army would be humiliated if he knew what his mother is doing.

I frankly find moveon.org, and the other organizations who are using this woman dispicable. Let her mourn in peace. It disgraces her son's death to have him used like this. Nothing good will come of it other than giving Bush-haters more of a platform.

While we were watching the news, I announced, in the presence of my parents and sister-in-law that should I die in Iraq, I would appreciate them not geting up on TV and becoming spectacles. I was met with a rather stony silence. I guess that was not such a good thing to say to my mother. (My chances of dying are generally pretty low in the event I do get sent to Iraq.)But seriously, If I die, just say on TV what a loss my death is to humanity and all that sort of good stuff. Don't make it a political thing.


Jack Steiner said...

Actually there are a number of reasons you can criticize Sheehan including her comments on Israel.

If you are interested I have them in a post on my blog on the link above.

bec said...

i think i have the same comments on my blog.
anyway, i agree with you here completely. a horrible loss for her family, but more horrible what she is doing to them now.
karl, just be safe if you get sent over.

old carriage sports lounge said...

i can't BELIEVE you said that to your family. i don't even know your family, but still...how totally morbid of you (I admire that).

Karl said...

I really can't believe I said that either. I probably should not have. They really probably prefer not to be reminded of these things.

Personally I could not be less frightened. Then again, I haven't been there yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm not frightened for you either. After all, you have that standard issue jet pack in your duffle bag that you can strap to your ass and fly on outta there. Plus you know how to do that "crouching tiger hidden dragon" vanishing-into-a-mist-when-faced-with-danger thing.
That and your M-16, you'll be fine.
Your poor mother. It's gotta be tough.

bec said...