Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Afternoon walk

So on my first day of work this semester, I decided to take a long walk through the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I went with "S", and it was really nice. I can't believe I have never done this before. It is a really nice place. On Tuesdays it is free, but it was pretty empty. There were mostly people from the neighborhood - Crown Heights, and a few others.

There were lots of interesting plants. There was a whole section with medicinal plants, and a whole garden dedicated to the plants mentioned in Shakespeare's plays. There was an exhibit of fragrant plants there too.

It is a fun place. You should go.


bec said...

yeah, it's a great place. especially by the cherry blossom trees. i used to cut school sometimes and go there.

Anonymous said...

gotdam! plants in shakespeare's plays? Where's that place been all my life?

old carriage sports lounge said...
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old carriage sports lounge said...

that place is a great catalyst for some incredible conversations with whomever you happen to be with at the time. at least that's the case with me.
although, i once went there with an old friend (p.s.) who couldn't stop being pissed off at me for being ten minutes late that day that it actually hampered her experience at the cherry blossom festival. some people have to work on their anger issues i guess.