Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fact checking

This article in Friday's New York Times about Orthodox Jews in the mountains had me wondering. If you look at the caption under the last picture, there is a Moishe Kishmich pictured.

Look, I really don't know the guy, but "Kishmich" is usually Yiddish for "kiss my ass". How careful was the Times about getting this guy's name right? Were they had by some Orthodox Jew with a sense of humor?


Anonymous said...

:) HA! Awesome.

old carriage sports lounge said...

Like a real shmutzed together version of "kush mir in tucches arein." ?
I liked this part: "A group of young men, their ardor fueled by Heineken, sang and danced around the parking lot as Jewish music blared from the open window of a car. One man tried to play the guitar while hopping on one foot, strangers were dragged into a chaotic conga line, and Isaac Waldman, 19, giddy with a few too many, fell to the ground laughing."
That is my kinda party.

bec said...

sounds like the lot scene at a phish show.
i miss those daze.