Monday, September 12, 2005

last week or so

OK, so things have been very busy with the starting of classes and all. I have had no time to do things like updae my blog.

I saw the movie Junebug, it was cute. I saw Wedding Crashers. It was OK. I wasn't thrilled. It was a cute idea, but there was nothing unpredictable in the movie.

I caught the last few minutes of Circus Amok in Prospect Park. I have really got to stop going to these lefty events. They bore me to tears with their rantings against the man. It is sad and pathetic.

I saw the 9/11 lights from the promenade.

I have been trying to have a life. Moderate success.


Zoe Strickman said...

Hey there -- in the future, if you gave more details in your review, it would be more helpful. It would also be helpful if you gave your opinion on the movie also, maybe from a Jewish perspective? -Zoe

Anonymous said...

Uhm, actually could you please not subject us to a review of a mediocre movie. A Jewish perspective on mediocrity? oy vey.