Friday, August 05, 2005

In Caracas

Yesterday me, "LT" and our hostess (a friend of "LT") climbed a mountain, I think was called Altamera. It was a good climb. There were all sorts of locals there doing it too. Apparently it is an activity here, groups of friends, couples, old people, and kids.

At night first we wenty out for some Chinese food, then we went with a bunch of people out to Las Mercedes (the fancy neighborhood), and to some nice night spot and drank - alot. We then went out for arrepas and more local beer.

My Spanish is improving.

Today we went to the shopping center, and to the capitol, and some famous chapel. We ate in some Italian restaraunt for lunch, and are getting ready for dinner now.

Remind me to talk about the politics here later.


old carriage sports lounge said...

Don't forget to talk about politics!

Zoe Strickman said...

Buena suerte con su experiencia. Esta bien que puede visitar este lugar.

[Translation: Good luck with your experience. It's great that you're able to visit Caracas.]

bec said...

forget politics. you've had chinese food, italian food, whatever. PLEASE don't forget to eat venezuelan food. and please tell about it in great detail.
(((good travel vibes))) from your foodie friend 8D