Thursday, July 04, 2002

For as long as it mattered to me, I always had these fantasies that - come summer, I wanted to be in love, or at least have a real crush on someone who was there and around. It never really happened, but it was always really important for some reason. But I have had my share of summer flings. In the summer of '91 it was "K", 92, it was "L", 93 it was "A", 94 was "J". . ., in the summer of '01 was "Z". But the summer of '02 looks fairly unpromising. That so sucks. So I will be around Germany mostly. I'll be in Berlin all of August and I suspect that the summer of '02 will be depressing.

There will be people, but I really won't be anywhere for too long to be with anyone for too long.

Oh well, at least I have my health, right?

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