Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Suspicion in the park

Last night I saw Hitchcock's Suspicion in Bryant Park. I generally try to take in at least one movie there each year. It was a pretty good movie. Originally Hitchcock had a better ending planned, but he went with the lame ending. Apparently, Hollywood didn't want Cary Grant to be evil in a movie. It was, as always, a fun time.


Anonymous said...

I love how those old hitchcock movies seems so silly to our desensitized minds. didn't he do "the birds"? that's still a good one. I should know this but are there no mosquitos in NY? In Canada, movies in the park are no fun because you get eaten alive.

Karl said...

Not too much in the way of mosquitos here in NY. We have been lucky lately. The movie was fun. Our problem is the crowding. If you are not there about 4 hours early (as soon as the park opens for the seating), you will just not get a place. It is pretty annoying.

old carriage sports lounge said...

cary grant was totally evil in it, just not in the ending--and the ending was lame because it delegitimized the rest of the movie. while hitchcock's made some not-so-great movies, i still think msot of his stuff withstands the test of time. i never get bored of "the man who knew too much." i'm sorry, but that's just brilliant, and the storm cloud cantata (conducted by bernard hermann) has always been one of my favorite pieces of music ever. it's totally gripping! and rear window. vertigo kinda sucked. so did to catch a thief. overall though, hitchcock rocks. if you ever wanna see a great film, check out "M" by fritz lang.