Friday, July 22, 2005

Last night

Last night, "A-" and I were learning, like we often do, fighting a valiant battle with keeping up with the daf. We managed to get a few pages done in Esperanto, and still chat with just about everone in the place - again as usual.

"L" joined us at some point, and did the daf too, though he was a bit ahead of us.

"A-" and I then went for beer afterward. First we went to this crowded snooty place that I could not hanlde in the west village. "A-" snapped the picture on Christopher Street on the way back. We made our way back to the Peculiar Pub, where we had some odd beers, and inadvertantly hit on and got flirted with by two Iraqi sisters (who averaged to pretty cute).

I made it home by 4:00ish. Fun Fun. Fun. New York in the summer.


old carriage sports lounge said...

Oh cool...I was about to start kvetching that you should make a new post.
I'm jealous that you were hit on by someone cute. I was hit on today (and I don't even think of myself as getting hit on material) by this dorky Jew who sounded like he's been kicked in the nuts way too many times. Just keep reminding me that my bashert is somewehere out there (although the guy I told you whose house I crashed at is really the closest I've come; he's only half Jewish, halachically not Jewish at all, and 30 years older than me--damn!)

Zoe Strickman said...

I'm blown away at your culture. I often think that I am so sophisticated, and the more I see your posts, the more I think you would look down on me for my simplicity.

Not that I would want to be scratching the paint of some Picasso to see if it is real, [and I ask this question sincerely], what makes you part of the culture you are part of? Was it parents? Upbringing? Friends?

What you write about daily are experiences I wouldn't even know where to find. Can you let me know about upcoming events so that I can at least learn more about the way your kind lives? ;)

[Sorry for the comment, but I'd really like to learn more about it, and I have a month or so before law school starts up again. I'd keep your anonyminity, I promise.]