Monday, July 04, 2005

Boycott Tom Cruise? No! Boycott the media! SIGN PETITION!

I totally do not get this: There is a petition online boycotting the New War of the Worlds movie. This petition is in response to his interview with Matt Lauer. Am I the only one who thinks that the petition people are completely misguided?

Tom Cruise is a pretty good actor. You may like him a bit more or less, but his acting skills are movie worthy, at least as Hollywood standards go. His knowledge of psychaitry is sad, pathetic, wrong, and probably nuts.

Now we have two organizations that allow Tom Cruise to appear. The first is Steven Speilberg and Hollywood. They let Tom Cruise act and show off his acting skills. The second is the media. The media lets Tom Cruise show off his psychaitry skills.

So when CNN does the stupidest thing in the world, and passes off Tom Cruise's views on psychaitry as news, we hail CNN for telling us what is going on. We then go and punish Hollywood. This is backward. We should threaten the news media that gives him a forum.

CNN should not have abuse its forum as a somewhat trusted news source to allow Tom Cruise to shoot his mout off.

It is about time we put the blame in the right place. I created a PETITION against CNN to stop this practice of allowing anyone with a TV station to give actors forums to talk about non-acting things. SIGN IT!!


Anonymous said...

A wise man, Whatzisname, once told me that when actors are willing to let other actors who play doctors operate on them, maybe then we can take actors opinions on anything other than acting seriously.
I've missed what CNN is saying and showing about Tom but I'll check it out.

bec said...

i have been boycotting tom cruise since "top gun." but seriously, what is it that we're petitioning? a few years ago, a friend of mine sent me an email petition for i think, amazon or one of the major internet companies. they wanted us to sign and/or boycott them because they were selling copies of "mein kampf." i refused to sign it. i'd rather have trash like that in the public's eye, than have it boycotted and subsequently removed from our view and placed underground. while tom cruise is a moron and would probably benefit from prozac (or a good swift kick to the head,) i don't mind that his views are out there. at least we know he's not out there plotting some underground mass murder of the pharmaceutical companies. besides, if we protest his stupidity, don't we then have to protest the stupidity of the media for publicizing madonna's foray into kabbalah and changing her name to esther (oy!!!!!), and the countless other celebrities who think that because they're famous, they can say what they want? who has time for this? ;-)

Karl said...

The point is to tell these "serious news media outlets" that the definition of "news" does not include every random peiece of crap thought that Tom Cruise has.

Again, I think he is a pretty good actor, and I actually liked Top Gun, and I fully intend on seeing War of the Worlds, but I have no interest in hearing any thought that originated with Tom Cruise. His expertise is repeating lines that talented people wrote for him. Original material is not his forte.

When "news forums" give him the opportunity to speak unscripted, it is not news. It is just letting him take advantage of the fact that he is famous to saying retarded things.

So my beef is with the news, not Tom Cruise, not Steven Speilberg, not Hollywood, but the news.

Also, I think I goofed. Matt Lauer is not on CNN, is he? I think he is on MSNBC or something. I need to check that more carefully.

Just boycot stupid news shows.

bec said...

but instead of petitioning the media outlets, what we really need to do is stop supporting the companies that advertise during those programs. that's really where the power is. (and that's an easy one for me these days!)

Anonymous said...

I tend not to sign petitions because I'm not a joiner. But I thought about it and I think the point is that this is CNN, not the paparazzi. They need to get real about what they report. If they can't figure out what news is, they shouldn't be in the business.

Our Family said...

I am boycotting Tom Cruise period.
I have sufferend depression since about 2 years of age, or that's when I started showing symptoms.
He was stupid & irrepsonsible to say what he said.
HE should be boycotted. He should not be able to use fame to blast such uninformed comments.