Saturday, July 09, 2005

London Bombing

I find it sadly Ironic that the London bombing took place at the same time as the Prime Minister of England was attempting to get $3 Billion for the people that the terrorists are trying to free from "western opression" - the Palestinians.


bec said...

i think you meant to say "so-called palestinians." ;D

Heshy said...

Do you know why the London bombings happened?

London’s attack was similar to the tsunami attack. It was G-d’s justice. Just as the tsunami was sent by G-d to attack nations like Thailand (known for its tolerance of child prostitution & is deeply steeped in idol worship), Indonesia (a hotbed of Al-Quida supporters), and Sri Lanka (for having the highest amount of suicide bombers in the world), Hashem (G-d) unleashed His justice in London. It is London that is the leader of the gay movement in all of Europe.

For more details, check out:

Karl said...

With all due respect Heshy, I wonder how you are privy to God's sense of justice. Did God inform you that he is targeting places with high concentrations of sexual practices that you don't like? The Talmud certainly teaches us not inquire after God's sense of Justice, and even the book of Job in the Bible tells us that we probably have no idea what God is thinking.

I certainly hope that you just didn't make all this up yourself. After all we wouldn't want everone who knows how to type to just tell us what God is thinking. Who knows what they will come up with.

30 something said...

The Talmud (Berahos, 57a) says that if someone dreams of a goose they will attain wisdom. But if someone will dream of having relations with a goose they will become a Rosh Yeshiva. Heshy— trust me when I say this— if a Rosh Yeshiva would videotape himself fucking a goose and post it all over the internet for the entire world to see that would pail in comparison to the Hillel Hashem created by the nonsense that you post all over the internet in the name of Judaism.

bec said...

thank you for making me laugh. i think that if Hashem was going to unleash terrorists in england for any reason that we could understand,it would be to punish them for having such poor dental care and not nearly enough episodes of Young Ones.

karl: email me your mailing address.

Joclyn said...

Heshy is gay. He also can't spell Hershey. Which is also gay.

Joclyn said...

Karl, this Heshy person also says on his blog that only Ashkenazi Jews were killed in the holocaust. This, he affirms, is because the Ashkenazi Jews needed to be punished by God for intermarriage, while the Sephardi Jews only marry each other, thus nothing bad has ever befallen them. Or something.

The best response I read was a simple "Heshy needs a map."

We must remember, in this age of blogs, that the people who spew hateful words are the same people who, before computers, were the type to scribble things on paper bags with crayons and photocopy them and mail them to publications. Newspaper editors deal with this issue all the time when wondering how they should respons to rambling letters from readers.

old carriage sports lounge said...

hey joclyn...where I work, at the paper, we sometimes get this deranged splotchy photcopied messianic prophecy weirdness in the mail, which looks like the work of a part wannabe apostle, part serial-killer, and it almost always comes enveloped in a page torn out of the book of revelations. first time i saw it...i was like "whoa." it's pretty wild time we get it, i should scan it an post it.