Friday, July 01, 2005

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retires -a prediction

I have a prediction. When it comes time for the White House to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice the left will fight really hard to oppose whomever gets put in and it will be a futile fight wasting $30 or $40 million belonging to the left. The fight will amount to a pathetic smear campaign that will repeat over and over again some obscure-ruling the person made that when you think about it 15 years later seems unenlightened, or perhaps they will find that the person once had an affair with a secretary, or that the justice had once hired an illegal immigrant as a maid for 6 weeks. This will do no good for anyone except allow the left to spend the next 20 years talking about how Bush stole the Supreme Court.

The Democrats will not offer a plausible substitute, and when you ask one who they would prefer will say something like "Michael Moore would make a good justice" or some such no-witted proposal.

What responsible democrats need to do is identify a conservative who you can live with, and push for that person. Make sure the person you push for really is conservative, and is someone the left will not complain too much about. Then convince the Bush Administration that when a Democrat comes to power you would of course take in to consideration the feelings of the right-wingers in this country in appointing supreme court justices.

I am very much not interested in seeing some psychotic right-wing lunatic in the supreme court. I hope the Democrats have a strategy that will convince the White House that it is in its best interest to get a moderate conservative instead of a radical one. I suspect that the Democrats will not be able to resist the opportunity to expend all their energy on embarrassing the one that Bush puts forth, instead of coming up with a good alternative. They did that with the last election, let's not fuck this up too.

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old carriage sports lounge said...

Totally right on brother! Everything you said, it's so gonna happen, but as much as I don't love but don't not love the Bush Administration, I think the conservatives are still gonna see to it that a psychotic right-to-lifer from Jesusville with no need for stem cell research and women's rights will be installed into the vacancy (chas v'sholem).