Monday, January 02, 2006

So much to talk about

Happy last day of Chanukah, and Happy New Year.

So much has happened. "L" is getting married to "S" later today. Mazal Tov.

On Thursday night, we had a bachelor party for "L". Myself, "D", "D", "N", and "Y" went with "L" to Le Marais for dinner. Then we went out and really enjoyed ourselves. No I'm not telling.

Last week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I spent three days attending the American Philosophical Association conference, which luckily for me was held in New York, so I didn't have to go anywhere. Normally it alternates between Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and I think Atlanta. It was fun to see some famous philosophers, some philosophy bloggers, and catch up with people that I only see there or when I'm on some philosophy circut. I have to learn to enjoy these things more though.

I celebrated two New Years on 12/31. The first was the Moscow New Year. As Moscow came in to New Year, I was with "L" and many of his relatives in Brighton Beach. Mostly we drank vodka in a very Russian Restaraunt on Brighton Beach called, I think, "Arbat". There was also some food, and "L" wanted to make sure I mention that I learned that in Russia one chases vodka with pickled watermellon. It was odd.

I then celebrated New York New Year with "M", one of "L"'s relatives who livesx in Vermont. One of her friends knew someone who was having a party on 10th and 40something street. "M" was not happy that the party seemed to have mostly gay people. So no men for her. The women were fun. I had a good time.

Yesterday I also attended a family Chanukah party at my parents' house in Flatbush, and then a party at the "S" family of FOM. Many nice people were in attendance. (Someone who I hope remembers to put Descartes before the horse.)

Today I prepare for "L"'s wedding. Good luck with all that, "L".

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Anonymous said...

Mazal tov L. and happy hanukkah and new year Karl.