Monday, January 02, 2006

Breaking up is easier that you'd think

I thought I would start the New Year with a new cell phone, like I tend to do every now and then. But this time I thought I could use a whole new plan and service. But I tend to hate breaking up. It is just an annoying thing to do.

But look, things were just not working out between me and Verizon Wireless. Now matter how often we kept reevaluating our plan, it just was never satisfying. I always seemed to need more then VW was putting out. So I see T-Mobile. Big plans, lots of minutes, and really sexy phone, so I'm like "I need that".

Now I have to come up wtih a way to break up with VW and hook up with T-Mobile. But T-Mobile is so great. T-Mobile just tells VW that I am no longer with them. I didn't have to talk to them at all. No tough break-up conversation, I didn't even have to agonize over a difficult to send email, post-it note, or even a break up text message. It was the easiest breakup ever. All break-ups should be this easy.

I am sure T-mobile was saying to VW that they understand what it is like to have me as a customer and they understand how hard it must be for WV. But they both lost customers to each other before and I am sure that VW will break up and I hope that it finds new customers.

Maybe this will serve as a lesson for VW. She really has a very good overall plan, but somehow it just always wants more money for stuff. It's a bit sneaky and annyoying.


Joclyn said...

Oh man. T-Mobile is HORRIBLE in NYC. They have many more minutes to offer than Verizon, and their plans sound much better, but they don't have even close to the number of towers as Verizon. I NEVER had a signal with T-Mobile. I was just paying for voice mail. I hated T-Mobile so much that it was worth it for me to pay the $200 early cancelation fee. They just blew so hard. Go back before it's too late.

Shosh said...

:) ha! how cool is that-getting someone else to do your breaking up for you. I think that's a marketable idea. Professional breakup people who send the bad news for you. They could also arrange the "exchange of stuff" that is such a necessary part of every sad ending. You know, when you get the box in the mail from your ex with all your sh*t in it that you didn't want back anyways with some kind of sappy, nostalgic note included. Or perhaps the angry and hurt version of that note. The best part is all the pictures of you guys together that neither of you want. That's why digital cameras are so handy-press delete and it's as though they never existed. I'm so glad you found something new and sexy and I hope it works out between you two. Sounds like Verizon started off so nice but now she's just a used up old hag. It was definitely time to upgrade.