Thursday, January 12, 2006

Review of How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less

Those who know me well lately are probably aware of my interest in fashionista and celebrity culture. It is no surprise to anyone that celebrities, models, actors, and people of that ilk are generally vapid, celf-centered, egotistical, and generally annoying in a host of other ways.

I used to think that it just came with the territory, it was just part of being a model/actor. After reading Melissa de la Cruz and Karen Robinovitz's How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less I know better. Becoming as narcistic as most celebs are requires work, lots of work. One does not simply become as vain and shallow just like that.

The book is roughly about an assignment the two authors had from Marie Claire to become famous in two weeks. The book talks about Branding yourself and becoming recognizable, getting publicity, how to appear famous, and how fame breeds fame. There are chapters on how to manage the press, chat people up, and how to get lots of freee stuff.

The basic goal is to get your name in bold in People Magazine. To do this you position yourself around publicists and other famous people, and the hope is that fame will rub off. With fame comes swag and more fame.

One ges the impression that these people are the most self-absorbed people in the world. (One of the authors reminds me A LOT of someone I once dated, it was awful.) Apparenlty it takes that much to become famous.

I wonder if it still possible to become famous without all the self-absorbtion.

Anyway, that being said, call my people, send me free stuff, and pretend I really care about you, and whatever you do, spell my name right - Karl Czemer.

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bec said...

i can totally relate. you have no idea how badly i want to be paris hilton's best friend.