Tuesday, December 27, 2005

people are strange, when you're a stranger

Christmas Eve I went to a freind in East New York's place for a Christmas Eve "dinner". It was very Puerto Rican. So there was not much dinner. But his basement was turned in to a night club (certainly in violation of some building violations) and we all danced for like many hours. It was actually great fun. They seemed to find it incredibly odd when I said that white people typically talk and eat when they have family gatherings. I suck at dancing. I seem to only do it when someone makes me, which is probably why I suck - lack of practice. But anyway, I really enjoyed it.

The grandparents had a dinner party wit the whole family. We actually just sat around and talked and ate. There were a lot of kids there. My extended family is becomeing more and more extended.

Last night I joined I (and M) at this party thrown by some group called MJE. It was hot and there were a lot of people and not enough alcohol. But the people seemed nice. I even spoke to some, though I am more firmly becoming committed to the "don't talk to strangers" ideology. They really are often strange.

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bec said...

sometimes the people who aren't strangers are the strangest ones of all....