Thursday, March 06, 2003

Soldiers in Times Square

So those of you who have been around Manhattan for the past month or two have probably seen the soldiers around Times Square, Union Square, Columbus Circle, and West 4th street. They hang around the subways and make this country look like it is a police state.

If for nothing else, I hate those who made this country this way. I did not grow up in a country where the army was present on the street. That was for those messed up countries where there was war on domestic soil. The US is not supposed to be that way.

I would support any effort the US took that would return my way of life to me. I would support any effort it took to assure that all of the US Army was deployed in someone else's country. This is not something for civilized people to see. Our children should not think that this is what countries ought to be like.

In New York, anyone just fits right in, and few people give the soldiers a second glance, but I am very not pleased to see soldiers with M-16s, biological contaminant detection kits, and combat fatigues in the subway station.