Wednesday, March 05, 2003

More trouble in el-Hilweh

Once again there is trouble in Ein el-Hilweh. Israel is no longer being blamed for this. (How magnanimous.) Yesterday someone was shot in broad daylight. Apparently what is happening is that there is an emerging feud between Qaida and the PLO. More precisely it is between Usbat Al Ansar, whcih is linked with Qaida and Fatah, which is the military wing of the PLO.

This does not look like the beginning of a new civil war there, of course. It is just that el-Hilweh is a hornet's nest of terrorism. The world will not be safe until someone takes responsibility for this sort of thing. And, it does not seem likely that some start-up-militia will pull a Sabra-and-Shatilla on Ein Hilweh and find some way to blame Sharon. Israel has lots of plausible deniability there. No one want to be in that sh1t-h0le of a town.

In today's world however, there is no such thing as a local problem. In big cities there are often neighborhoods where even the police fear to enter. When this happens the police just let events run their course. When crime starts spilling over to other "good" neighborhoods, then you see the police crack down. It is unfortunate that the crap that goes on in the ein Hilwehs of the world (especially those in Saudi Arabia) are starting to spill over in to the civilized places. They must be taken care of.

I know, I know, I hear the liberal cry in my ear: we do not want to impose our wester values of non-violence on the indigenous peoples of Ein Hilweh. What can I answer to that?