Thursday, March 13, 2003

Freedom Kissing

I just read that the house of representatives' cafeteria changed the names of "french fries" and "french toast" on their menu. French fries will be "freedom fries" from now forth. While this will undoubtedly lead to laughter and mocking, its symbolic significance should not be underestimated. George Orwell had everything is his 1984 named something like "victory chocolate" and the like. In the US during WWII, we had liberty cabbage (not sauerkraut) and Hot dogs (not Frankfurters). This was just to show that we did not want to have anything with the word "kraut" in it. "Kraut" (cabbage) is what we nicknamed the Germans. People in countries are often nicknamed for the food they eat (Eg, the surrendering Frogs in France.). This sent a powerful message to the Americans that we are very displeased and want nothing to do with the Nazis. The same here. The Modern Vichis will laugh, but Americans will not take this lightly, and it will send a powerful message.

While we are at it, we should definitely rename the french kiss. The french kiss should be something like giving the finger, and perhaps we all should start freaky kissing or something.

This whole thing is the diplomatic way of telling that shitty little country in Europe to go fuck themselves, without having to "accidentially" bomb their embassy in Yugoslavia or something.