Thursday, March 27, 2003

More on Weather

Tuesday we had the weirdest weather I have ever seen. It was like in those cartoons where the bad guy had an evil weather device and is intent on proving that he can alter the weather at will. It was nice in the morning, and then there was about five minutes of snow. Then it was sunny, then ten minutes of hail. Then sun, then sleet, then sun, then rain. . . It was odd.

I met an old friend in the new Moment Cafe. I was there this summer when it had been rebuilt after a massive bombing.

I then went to visit some of my old haunts in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood, then off to the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University for a meeting.

Afterward, I went to a wedding in the Tamir Hotel in Jerusalem's Ezrat Torah neighborhood. It was a very haredi wedding, but it was quite nice. During the outdoor huppah it hailed, and we were all huddled under umbrellas. It was quite memorable.