Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Busy Week

It has been a prety busy week, and I have not had much time to put in New Year resolutions, or other stuff. I am now in London for a cousin's wedding. I'll keep the world posted on my adventures here as they happen. So far I got in (with D) and we slept and then hit up the Science Museum and wandered around Oxford Circus (it is not a real circus, more like a traffic CIRCLE). I am struch by how much like New York London is. It is easy to see the cultural similarities and between us. If it weren't for the fact that London has such nice buildings, I'd swear I was in New York or Boston.


Shosh said...

wow! have a great time. I'm very suprised to hear you say that NYC and London are that similar. Can you get great food there as well? Personally, I would miss the rudeness of Nu Yawkers-I think they're more outspoken really, but by Canadian standards they're rude. And I love it.

Erica said...

I'm so not rude.

Lucy said...

Mazel Tov! What a big mitzvah boy! You make your mom so proud!
Aside from the fact that London is super dreary... its just another metropolitan city... but it still cant compete with the greatest city- NYC!!! (Especially the food - I hope you have a supply of pepto - the Brits aint known for their food!)
Enjoy your vacation!!

BTW, Ms. Shosh - people in London are not exactly honky dorey friendly and pleasant - NYers have a certain "charm" that outsiders sometimes confuse with "rudeness." :)

Shosh said...

I have a couple of friends in London and they are totally classy. Smooth-edged, I guess you could say. NYers are not smooth edged. I always know where I stand with them. Which is why I like NY so much. Plus, they shout at people for no reason at all, just to shout. Which is the exact opposite of what Canadians do. For me, going to NY and watching locals in action is like going to the zoo. Look at all the exotic species and their stange behavior! I'm sure many Americans feel the same way when in Canada.

eri: no, you're not rude at all. In fact, your instinct to keep peace and keep your mouth shut even though you're p*ssed is a very Canadian trait.