Thursday, December 28, 2006

Conference in our nation's capitol

I'm now in boring professional conference in Washington DC. Those of you who have been here must be struck by the difference of culture that exists inside the beltway and the culture of other big cities. I wonder what it is? Anyone know what percentage of Washington DCers were born and raised here, and how many are transplants? I wonder if that makes a difference.

Meanwhile, I will just enjoy my professional conference and listen to talks that can possibly interest a handful of people on the planet, me being one of them.


Anonymous said...

i'd love for you to expand on the different culture here in DC. I was born and raised and now work here, and I will always consider it "my city." what makes us so different?

I've always thought New Yorkers were one of a kind..

Shosh said...

All I know about DC is that it's an expensive place to live and there's a lot of crime. Mr. Shosha got offered a job there. He took Hawaii instead. But I'm pretty sure I'd prefer Nu Yawk to DC.

M. Martin said...

I once went to DC when I was 16. My impression of DC is that it's not a real city but a collection of government buildings and mounuments, with a few places to live for everyone who works in these buildings, and a huge, throbbing slum nearby.

A guy I dated over the summer who was from a suburb of DC said there has been some gentrification in teh formerly slummy areas, but I bet it's still not a real city.

Erica said...

I was there last summer ... much like Brooklyn (without a gazillion federal buildings), the affluent co-exist amongst the down-trodden.

Especially right near the White House; to get there I had to walk through a park with no less than a dozen homeless calling it home.

Shosh, there's always a table for you to eat at in Nu Yawk.

(Karl, are you going to Joss' party ... since you're there anyways?)

Shira said...

According to the US Census Bureau 85.9% of Washingtonians were born in the US, and 46.7% of the total D.C. population was born in another state. Fun facts:)

Shosh said...

Thanks, eri!

I meant to say this earlier-- Happy Nu Year Karl! :)