Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It didn't happen

Personally I am skeptical that there really was a holocaust denial conference in Iran this week.

Well maybe there were a few people in "Iran" who got together to talk about not liking Jews. And everyone knows that Iranians exaggerate their numbers just to advance their anti-Zionist agendas. And everyone also knows that Iran simply doesn't have halls big enough to hold all the holocaust deniers.

Borat, who was allegedly at the conference is widely believed to be fictional. It is also unclear if Iran actually exists. I understand there is a conference pending about that. Americans and Israelis, and miscellaneous "Jewish" conspiritors who were allegedly at this perported conference have no legal way of actually getting to Iran.

So one wonders what the Persian agenda is here. Why pretend to hold a conference about a subject so unpopular in the west? Moreover, why pretend to hold a conference when it is probably just as east to just actually hold one. Faking conferences seems like more trouble than it is worth.


Lucy said...

Everyone with a half a brain knows that this is a media stunt for both Iran, NK and all the other nuts that showed up. They probably didnt talk about the Holocaust and never planned on it either. Iran was losing steam in the media after all the focus was turning toward North Korea, so Ahmadinejad was like me me me, ya'll forgot about me. Unfortunately, he doesnt turn heads anymore with his wiping Israel off the map comments. He needed something with a shock value, the Holocaust was the perfect topic. As for the NK - they had no prob getting visas in Iran. Dont you know there is a passport shop next to the cholent shop in Meah Shearim and there is one in Williamsburg too. A few years ago my friend was going to Israel and when he got to the airport he realized his passport had expired. A hasidic man came over to him and told him for $200 he could have a new passport for him in the morning, he just needs to go to a certain address in Williamsburg. These folks arent concerend about legality.

This 'conference' was just a publcity stunt for the Iranian government who thrives on being in the international spotlight. I think the media should have ignored this whole thing - it's a non-news item. Mark my words every few months as Iran slips from the news radar there will suddenly be another conference with an outrageous topic. Nothing new under the sun...

ERICA said...

..dude, you rock!...

Hands down, most awesome blogpost on the Internet, ever.

Hashem will thank you, personally, one day ...of that I am quite sure.