Sunday, January 28, 2007

The new Whole Food???

Now they think they are going to get everyone eating this stuff? Then again, it doesn't taste worse than most of that health food stuff.


Shosh said...

Kosher food is certainly not healthier than a lot of other foods. I think people just like labels.
Gefilte fish makes me gag. Good luck finding a way to popularize that crap.

S said...

Have these people taken a look at our Jewish mothers lately? they are not exactly objects of health.

Lucy said...

This was good marketing tool for Manishewitz although completely misleading. I can still see the glass jars of chicken fat on the shelf - far from healthy. Someone should open the Kosher Palette and calculate the fat/calorie content for the recipes - they are extremely unhealthy. Do dietetic Kosher cookbooks even exist?

M. Martin said...

I don't know about here, but in Israel, at my gym, they would distribute a pamphlet with a guide to staying healthy during holidays like Pesach, with calorie counts for many traditional Jewish foods. I remember they said that gefilte fish had 200 calories.