Friday, February 21, 2003

Sadam . . . the good guy?

The latest argument from the pro-Sadam camp (my friend "C" said this to me explicitly) is that he really is a good guy, and therefore we should not be going to war against him. Why do they say this? Apparently the 180,000 Kurds who he gasses were not really gassed by him, but rather by the Kurds' Iranian allies. There are many "reliable sources" who can corroborate this. It is simply a case of mistaken identity. Next we will no doubt be hearing that the gassing of the Kurds is a Zionist fabrication propagated to gain sympathy for Israel.

It would be hard, but not impossible to convince me this is true. Just show me some evidence that despite all common sense and reports up until now, the Iranians really gasses their allies, and Iraq ignored their ethnic enemies. To convince me this that people actually believe this, you would have to show me that they really want to be making war on Iran and getting the Iranian dictator out of power. People are such disingenuous liars.