Sunday, March 25, 2007

When is an anti-abortionist's birthday?

You would think that if one took the philosophical position of being anti-abortion, then their birthday would be a fairly irrelevant date. The relevant date would be the date that they were conceived, for that is the date that life starts. The date one is born is not that special for them. Yet I have never heard of anyone celebrating one year of life when the child is three months old. The relevant milestones are still in years from birth. So I wonder how seriously anti-abortionists take the idea that it is the day of conception as the day life begins.


Joclyn said...

That's an excellent point; I love it! I suspect, however, that because so many anti-choice people are of the Christian right persuasion, the response might be something like "Celebrating the date of conception is like celebrating sex, which is a dirty abomination." Birthday celebrations keep the partying at a safe nine months from the unclean urge which caused a yicky mess that led to the baby being born.

There was that one orthodox girl at Brooklyn College who was anti-abortion of course, but she wasn't married, and therefore possibly thought of sex as yicky as well. Or so.

Lucy said...

The Chinese celebrate their birthdays from the date of conception (I forgot what the actual celebration is called) and forty weeks later they celebrate the actual birth date. They reach their next age on the date of conception and not on the date of the birth. It is interesting that China considers date of conception so integral, since they do not consider actual human life sacred at all based on the human rights atrocities that are committed there. (My friend taught in China and he told me about the whole chinese birthday thing...)

Abe said...

Maybe it's just easier to figure out the date of birth than the date of conception.