Thursday, March 29, 2007

Liberals will always find ways to steal from the poor

You don't have to be Milton Friedman to know how stupid these left-wing fiscal policies are. Take the case of Albert Podell. Today's New York Times has this article on people who keep their homes looking so ugly that even millionaires are repelling women.

This is a man who has donated millions to NYU law school. It is also a man who mostly eats out and has traveled to 163 countries. So this is not a man strapped for cash. But when asked about his ugly apartment here is what he has to say:
Why does he live here?

“Ever hear the words ‘rent stabilized’?” says Mr. Podell, who’s paying $702 for a one bedroom in SoHo. “What do I need a fancy place for? A lot of people want to show off their wealth. It ain’t me, baby.”
Why the hell is a policy designed to help poor people pay rent going to support a man who has enough spare cash to make a $2.4 Million contribution?!? Is this what rent stabilization supposed to do?

No wonder there is a shortage of affordable housing for the poor. The rich lawyers who can figure out how to work the system get the $702/mo sweet houses in SoHo. Then they donate money to other rich people who are part of the same old boys network to learn how to do the same. The the truly poor who could use this apartment have to spend more on a non-rent-stabilized apartment in a worse neighborhood because all the good affordable houses are taken by rich pricks like Albert Podell. It is no wonder that Albert Podell donates to every democrat cause there is. They keep his rent down, so he can afford to take lots of trips and fuel his ego with NYU law centers named after him. He probably sits around wonders why the Republican party is doing nothing to help the poor in New York. The reason should be obvious. Whatever the Republican party will do, some clever NYU lawyer will find a way to steal from the poor.

And he will boast about it.

Most New York students pay more than that for housing. Most families on welfare are paying that much or more. Certainly people who have millions to throw around could afford not to claim they need a rent stabilized apartment.

If we get rid of rent stabilization the rich will have to pay actual market value for their SoHo, Upper West Side, Brooklyn Heights, or Park Avenue apartments, and the owners of the building will have to pay higher taxes on the income. So why do democrats complain that every one of Bush's tax policies has been designed to help the rich? Probably because it is true. But it is true because all these stupid policies are designed to help the rich, including these dumb do-gooder rent-stabilization laws.


Lucy said...

It's all about beating the system. The poor do it, why can't the rich do it? There are plenty of people (neither rich or poor) who have cash businesses and suck up the government for every welfare program in existence. Your lovely local government is the one to blame for people taking advantage of the welfare system. There is absolutely no oversight in welfare programs. Not to play devils advocate, but, this guy probably pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes every year and he feels he should be able to take advantage of the government programs he is supporting. Bottom line is that liberals are a bunch of pussified hypocrites. If the guy gave to right wing causes (ie Sam Fox) he would would have been read the riot act, fined and imprisoned. (PS Fox was nominated by Bush as ambassador to Belgium. Bush withdrew the nod bec Fox donated $50,000 to Swift Boat vets for the Truth). BTW, NY is almost like France, the government will support you for doing nothing here... I dont blame the guy for beating the system...

Annoyed said...

I find your arguments one-sided and self-important. This man works hard, makes money (not inherented, mind you), and donates to good causes (such as a good school).

Why do you care what he does with his money? His one little rent-controlled apartment is a drop in the bucket compared to what he gives. I'm sure his MILLIONS have supported many poor students for their education. I hate people that complain and then sit on their hands while others work hard. Mr. Podell sounds like a good person.

t-bone said...

...besides, after the man moves out the landlord can raise the rent to whatever he would like, I believe, providing the landlord or a family member of his occupies that apartment for a certain amount of time. It would be of no use to the poor unless Podell illegally subletted the place. You must not be a renter.

Lake Park East Tenant Association said...

What I find upsetting is it has to be a liberal who is stealing. Why the labeling. We know that conservatives steal as well. It has nothing to do with affordable housing. Your appear to have it in for liberals.

There are many who do need affordable housing, what this one person does should not negate the fact. Or your ability to see that point of view.

Anonymous said...

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