Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gandhi he's not

Here is a paragraph from Monday's New York Times:
Issa Khalil, 25, broke in, agitated. “We never see anything good in our lives,” he said. He was arrested for throwing stones in the first intifada, the civil disobedience that began in the late 1980s and led to the 1993 Oslo accords with Israel. He was arrested again in the second uprising as the agreement faltered.

So let me ask you, since when was the intafada an act of civil disobedience? It is an armed uprising. And if someone gets arrested for throwing stones during some protest, by what rights is it an act of civil disobedience? I mean seriously, how do you throw stones during a civil disobedience? How does this propaganda get by the copyeditor?

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Erica said...

The civil disobediance is on the parts of the [douchebag] copy editors of the NY & LA Times, and Washington Post.

They obviously consider themselves, though would never outwardly say so, team players in the uprising.

Depressing though it is, the pen is obviously mightier than the stone-thrower.