Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Review of Douglas Coupland's Miss Wyoming

With Miss Wyoming Coupland gives us a rather enjoyable read, though it seems to have less of the philosophical, or even cultural appeal than some of his others.

The main character, Susan Colgate is raised by a hick who thinks that by making her go from beauty pageant to beauty pageant some good will come of both of them. Susan goes on to become an actress. Her mom, well, she and Susan don't get along.

Susan becomes the sole survivor of a plane crash, and while no one is looking, takes a year to hide away from civilization. John Johnson, a big-time movie producer also pulls a disappearing stunt for a bit. They somehow meet, and their destinies seem intertwined.

I think that deep down the book is really trying to talk about shedding what you are "supposed to be" and finding your own way. That would be consistent with the themes of his other Gen X-y stuff.

I am not overly enthusiastic about this one. But, if you find a used copy somewhere, it will not disappoint you.

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