Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hasidic Clothing

Alex Padalka, writing for the free hipster, Williamsburg-centric Block Magazine ought to be commended for a good article. (Unfortunately their current issue is not online.) He writes a reasonable, accurate, and non-condescending or judgmental article about the male and female hasidic garb frequently seen on the streets of Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn. While (sorry) I do not see any writing awards emerging from the article, I thought it was sympathetic, and true to the spirit of the wearer's. Padalka's eyes were of course on the standard stuff people want to know about clothing, where to get it, what it feels like, and how much it cost. A bit of history would have rounded off the article nicely. Hasidim can be weird, and the way they look, doesn't help much. Portraying them as a culture with traditions that are on par with ony other is admirable.

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