Monday, February 16, 2004

Why Valentine's day is a Republican holiday

I really hate Valentine's day. I do not think there are any numbers on what percent of Americans are in relationships, or what percentage of Americans do something "special" for valentine's day. However, given what I saw in Cafe Edgar, Cafe Mozart, Cafe Lalo, dive bar, and all sorts of other places I happened to visit on Valentine's night, there are plenty of people who are not celebrating valentine's day. I was not the only, nor the hundredth person I saw who "third wheeled" some couple, or went out with a friend of the same sex (who was not gay). The place was full of non-attached people. There were of course a lot of these kissy-kissy mushy-mushy types who were grossing the rest of us out, but I guess we should be tolerant. Given the poor state of couples these days , they really need some more mush.

Valentine's day reminds me very much of all these Republican marriage incentives. 1) Promote couplehood. 2) Make everyone believe that couplehood is great 3) Make non-couples feel bad 4) Make a national holiday promoting couplehood 5) Make sure there is no comparable holiday for single people. . . George Bush could not have designed a better holiday if he spent the whole billion dollars congress gave him to promote marriage. Bush is just upping the stakes by throwing in tax breaks for couples so they can buy even more expensive flowers on Valentine's day. Damned Republicans. Promoting a society that makes people feel bad because they are somewhat independent, or unfortunate, or something like that is just plain mean.

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