Thursday, February 26, 2004


So where are all the pundits on Haiti?

If we can spare the troops, they can really use the law and order.

It seems like a lot of Democrats are trying to make a race thing out of this. That is clearly dumb. But for some reason the Republicans are holding back. They really did learn their lesson from the last time they sent troops in to a foreign government. They had to deal with protest for months.

Apparently Aristide is not all that popular, and there are "baby doc" fans out there. And for some reason they can't wait till the next election to get rid of him because he squandered lots of their money. So there is an emerging civil war between the Aristide fans and the rebels.

France is calling for Aristide to step down, which leads me to believe that Aristide's stepping down is in the best interest of France. Of course, Aristide is the democratically elected leader. So is there no way to impeach him or something?

Perhaps we can send in troops and call for immediate new elections there. Haiti has a VERY long history of coups. It has had over 30 in its history. It is time for them to grow up as a nation and be mature about power.

Also, there is about to be a growing refugee issue here. All these Haitians wanting to escape the violence, will be washing up on our shores. Perhaps we ought to have a category of temporary asylum. There has got to be a reasonable way to do that.

And that Democratic congresswoman on CNN this morning who said that "Cubans get asylum as soon as they land on US soil, and Haitains do not. Therefore we are racist." is a real idiot, and ought to be impeached for being so stupid.

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