Monday, February 23, 2004

Ralf's running. . . Yawn.

I really don’t get the whole brouhaha over Nader running for president? Why would the Democrats want to censor him? (or whatever they want to do) Why would Democrats want so badly to see him not run? If they hate Bush so much, and all they care about is not a good president, but one who is not Bush, then they should just vote for the Democrat. Everyone by now knows what Nader cost Gore. Who in their right mind would make THAT mistake again and vote Nader.

This is like getting worried that Sharpton will take votes away from your favorite democrat. Please. Anyone who voted for him, had a second choice of staying home. It wasn’t like if he were not running Clarke or Dean would have gotten anywhere.

Of course, this all just goes to prove the one point of Nader’s of which I am very sympathetic. And that is that the US is and always has been a two-party Duopoly. Two parties take turns controlling the country. The two agendas, which are not the only two in the country (given our current way of thinking about things there are necessarily at least 4), have been in charge for a very long time. I happen to have an intense dislike for both parties. Right-wing religious lunatics, and left-wing quasi-socialists, are all fair game. Both parties suck. We need more parties. Unfortunately for me, Nader’s beliefs are the antithesis of my own, so I will have to pick the candidate who, come election time, more closely represents how I feel about the state of the war, the economy, and the union in general.

Also, and this ties in with the first issue, who is really all that mad? These media bullshitters say things like “thousands of democrats are angry that Nader is running. . .” Are they just making this up? Again, people who hate Bush enough all believe that everyone who is sane hates Bush enough, and will thus vote Democrat. Who cares if there is an additional name on the ballot. Nader would be about as famous as the communist or libertarian candidate if the media let him. For some stupid reason CNN has little else to do then to promote him.

But at the end of the day, Nader will end up with a few former disenchanted Deaniacs, but as a whole, who are we kidding, Nader could not look worse, and damn it, if I were the Democrat candidate, I really would not want the Nader voter.

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