Wednesday, January 14, 2004

More New York stuff

Today I went with "M", "D", "B", and "J from G" to the Museum of TV and Radio on 52nd street. I caught the pilot episode of Bernie loves Bridget. It was a bad-short-lived sit com from 1972. The main plot was that Bernie and Bridget fall in love and get married. Bernie was Jewish and Bridget was Irish Catholic, and hilarity ensued. I seem to recall that Meir Kahane used the show as an example in one of his books and pamphlets about intermarraige.

I then met "J" for dinner in this Cuban restaraunt on 17th off Broadway. It was pretty good. She was telling me about Cuba and her recent visit. We need to lift the embargo there. As soon as American stuff can get in there, communism there will fail. I suppose it will happen as soon as Fidel croaks.

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