Saturday, January 24, 2004

Big Apple Blogger Bash

Last night I attended the Big Apple Blogger Bash. It was a lot of fun. (Thanks Paul for doing all the work.)

We were first kicked out of AZ on 17th Street. They were really sucky. (Don’t go there.) At a certain point, it was deemed that there were too many people in the bar, so they simply stopped serving drinks, and then we were apparently asked to leave. I am not sure I get this. But, hey, whatever, they suck.

Then we all moved on to Siberia on 40th street. It is a cool place. Me and my socially awkward self spent much time talking to people I had already met once before and shunned new people. I should really not do this. But hey. Whatever. I'll get therapy one day when I have more time.

There were a lot of New York bloggers there, and of course there was the publicity people and marketing researchers, and the obligatory reporter doing a story on bloggers and their parties. (Side note: once upon a time raves were cool until they sold out (see Rushkoff's old post on this). I see that happening to blogs. I am dreading the day when will be sponsoring the Nifty Tri-state Blogger Marathon Party.)

Anyway, there were lots of cool people there. Here is what Rachelle and Tien and Dahl and Mike and bluejake and Caren and Brian and Daniella and gothamist and Amy and Belle Ambrose and Bill and coolfer and Stephanie and mer and blindcavefish and web-ho all have to say about it.

(In short: AZ sucks, Siberia was cool, the people were nice, blogs are (so far) still cool, and some people caught it on film.)

Big Apple Blogger Bash 2004

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