Monday, January 31, 2005

Review of Camus' The Plague

I actually finished reading Albert Camus' The Plague a few days ago, on Jan 25, coincidentally the day the plague in the books ends. And like the members of the town I couldn't wait for the plague to be over. The novel is about a town with the bubonic plague. The town gets quarantined and the townsfolk have to deal with the lack of contact with the outside world, with death, and with loneliness.

For all its hype, I expected more, but it was not bad, though isn't Camus supposed to be one of the great thinkers of our time? I just didn't see it.


Josie said...

Welcome back! Camus is overrated. I think carrying on about ontological loneliness and personal hell is really boring. Get over it.

Karl said...

I do recall that I liked The Stranger when I read it many many years ago. Then again it might have been that song by The Cure that I liked, or maybe I was just a kid and I thought it was deep.