Sunday, January 30, 2005

quick notes of my last week in Israel

My stay in Israel was fairly uneventful. I went to visit relatives in Jerusalem my first full day there. I had some nice lunch in Mattersdorf. On Tuesday I went to visit Hebrew University, and I had coffee with "Z" whom I had not expected to see at all, so that was nice. I also visited all the book stores in Jerusalem. Wednesday I visited with some distant relatives in Tel Aviv where we hung out on the beach and then helped a friend who was having contractions. I spent the night there and went to Haifa on Thursday. I took the train there and back. On the ride back I had an amusing conversation with some new Israel Air Force recruits. Friday I mostlyt wateched TV. I saw a good chunk of the Uri Zohar film festival. Though he is now a rabbi, he was really an important actor and director in Israel in the 60's and 70's. I need to get his stuff on DVD. Then I went to Machne Yehuda and stocked up on crembo and olives and garinim, and I was set for the weekend. I had dinner with Friends in Baka on Friday night, and then lunch with different friends in Baka on Shabbat afternoon. I then had an excrutiating plane trip and am now back at home.


30 something said...

welcome back Karl.

Karl said...

Thanks. We should do lunch.