Friday, April 04, 2003


There is a rather interesting article here which is a response to an article by Martha Nussbaum about cosmopolitianism. Martha Nussbaum is a rather famous contemporary philosopher. Cosmopolitianism is a rather trendy topic in philosophy these days as well as an interesting topic. Cosmopolitianism is concerned with the question of whether one ought to attempt to be a patriot to some country or a "citizen of the world". Is there a good reason to favor one particular group of people over your own beside for the fact that it is your own.

I do not have the inclination here to go in to any lengthy discussion of this, but what seems important is not any particular piece of country, that one ought to have any alligence to, after all, a country is just a piece of land. What one ought to be allied to is an ideology. Why do I say that? I think I am very fond of freedom and democracy. I like the United States pretty much because it provides this. If the US became a theocracy or a tyranny, who here would like it?

There is nothing sacred about land, there is something sacred about liberty. Should one be cosmopolitian? I think not. Should one be a patriot? I think not also. Should one support a good and just state? Of course. If one's state is good and just, should you support it? Of course. It is for that reason that we fought the communists throughout the cold war. It is for that reason whe defended Israel all these years. It is for that reason we are now fighting Iraq. It is for that reason that one needen't feel bad about lack of participation by the UN in the war against Iraq. The UN is made up of contries that are are just and good, and also countries that are pretty sh!tty. As long as we are with the good countries, we are on safe moral ground.

When we speak of truth, justice and the American way, we are promoting an idea. There is nothing wrong with being Canadian or Japaneese. There is soemthing wrong with promoting an ideology that runs counter to the ideal that we want to foster.

So when people speak of the cosmopolitian question, what they should be asking is what kind of genocidal maniac are they supporting along with everythig else.