Friday, July 07, 2006

Star Trek Trivia

A bit of a Star Trek trivia I picked up on my recent trip to California. What does the following stand for and where is it from? (Treat them as 6 strings of letters, each broken in two parts.)

WH GOL _______ MA RUS
CO MEA _______ JO CHE

(If you can answer this you are a total nerd, you have my genuine admiration, and should instantly get your butt here because you have too much time on your hands and need a girlfriend.)


TV Guy said...

i have no idea, other than that co mea is for colm meaney, wh go for whoopi etc? will you send me the answer?

i put up 8 questions today..see if you get them right..

nice blog :)


Shosh said...

I have no clue. How was California? Excellent link to the star trek dating site. I'm glad such things exist for those who like to dress up like klingons and have wild nookie sessions.

Shrillana said...

It doesn't necessarily have to refer to a name. RI BAI could be a meat reference. Rib Eye??