Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have been watching the events In south Lebanon and Northern Israel unfold for the past few days. I have ben in touch with people in both countries, ans while most people are doing fine, it really is a mess.

What does not cease to amaze me about the whole conflict is the general ignorance of the issues of the press. It is painfully clear that too many members of the press are either not very interested in presenting the isses here clearly, or they simply do not understand them.

The current conflict for example is not between ISrael and Lebanon. It is between Israel and Hizballah. It is not clear where Lebanon stands on this. (Given what governements really are, it is not clear how many governments Lebanon actually has.)

I wish all these self-styled pundits (liek the BBC) would just take a day off, go to a library, read a book, and then start broadcasting the news. It just annoys me.

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Malaika M. said...

Reporters in the field are, in fact, clueless AND brainwashed. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians, the naive foreign reporters are then set upon by Palestinians who take them around the West Bank and Gaza and inculcate them with their point of view, while Israel does no eqiuivalent thing. Moreover, the reporters might very well have been sympathetic to the Arabs in the first place, especially if they are from Europe.

The results show up in the reporting you see. Israelis, and Jews in general, really need to be better at marketing themselves and their point of view but convincing the powers that be to actually do something constructive on this end seems nearly impossible.