Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Right and Left

The last few days has seen a lot of talk about Iran, and in particular following Bush's statement, echoed by much of the administration, that "Iran must not be allowed to have nuclear weapons."

Typically the op-ed paged were full of reports. Unsurprisingly, the New York Times put us some silly straw-man argument against the administration, explaining why we should not use nuclear weapons to combat Iran's nuclear program. As if that would ever happen. For some reason the left is simply adverse to seriously confrontating problems. On the other hand the Wall Street Journal today has a serious and lengthy piece dedicated toward understanding the issue of Iran.

Lest you fail to see the gravity of this: policy is made based on perception of the facts. The picture that the op-ed page of the NY Times paints is one of a simple decision: do we nuke Iran and be sick evil lunatics, or not. There is no appreciation for the complexity of the problem given to the readers. The editors of the times should start asking themselves just how dangerous it really is to be so condescending to their readers.


Shosh said...

I haven't read the Times piece because I have to log in (too many passwords and the Times isn't worth it). But isn't the argument about nukes dealing with the use of bunker busters? I've heard them called "low grade nukes" in the media. Anyway, instead of saying bunker busters they say "nukes" and people think Hiroshima. Obviously it would be nothing like that.
Frankly, we sat on our hands too long using "diplomacy" with North Korea until it was too late. We can't dawdle like that with Iran, their leadership is counting on it. Practicaly speaking, America is the only country that can deliver. They need to do so. And fairly soon.

Shosh said...

excellent steyn article, btw. thanks for the link.

M. Martin said...

A-friggin-Men, "Karl"!!!

Thought I might sound like a Donald Rumsfeld-type, truth be told, I am not 100% sure that I would mind even if it were a Hiroshima like bomb. It would be a big enough setback for them that they would realize that they cannot intimidate the West into following Islamic Law (as they did with other areas in the past when Islam was in its early stages of expansion).