Monday, February 27, 2006

Let's hope our assumption was correct

If there is one attitude that needs change in Islamic counties it is that of responsibility. Someone must teach Muslims that they are responsible for their own actions. There is a gut instinct in the leader of every Arab/Muslim country to blame someone else for every problem in their world. There is also a strong cultural trait that makes all the subjects of this leader believe it. This is so ingrained that they tend to believe this now without leaders.

If I got this straight, some Sunnis attacked an important Shiite Mosque. Shiites retaliated against Sunni targets, but made sure nevertheless to blame the US and Israel.

It might be good to blame abstract targets so as to to shift the focus of your rage to something you are not going to get in to a war with. It has also always been a good tool if you are a leader of one of these countries to shift the blame so that your country doesn't get in to a war with you. But this is a stretch, isn't it. Are these people so used to blaming the US and Israel for everything that there is no real hope for reconsiliation?

If one supported the invasion of Iraq, it was under the assumption that Iraqis are capable of one day governing themselves, along with the attending notion of self-responsibility. Let's hope they were right.

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