Monday, February 27, 2006


This is one of those things that you just really want to comment on but can't think of the appropriate place to start.

Update: OK, I do know where to start. First what kind of woman gets involved with someone who thinks along these lines? Second, how has he gotten to the point where someone actually married him? I am close to this guy's age, and I have discovered that women tend to get turned off when you start with the crazy talk. So what gives? What kind of magic does this guy have that he can get some woman who puts up with this kind of thinking despite the fact that he is facing child pornography charges? Where can I find women this desperate?


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is a kinky sex freak and she thought this was exciting at first. Then it started to get scary. By teh time she found out what teh real deal was it was too late and now we have the story we have here.

- M. M.

28/2/06 02:27

bec said...

with all due respect, when you ask "what kind of woman gets involved with someone who thinks along these lines?" i have to wonder if i'm just hypersensitive, or if you really sound the slightest bit misogynistic there. i mean, not every woman realizes the true character of the man she marries/dates/has a casual sexual encounter with. it is possible for people to keep things hidden. otherwise, how could we account for a woman like andrea yates drowning her own children? i'm sure that her husband wouldn't have married her if he thought that she would have done something of that magnitude. yet, we don't say, "what kind of man gets involved with someone who thinks along these lines?" and for the record, i'm NOT a feminist.
as for him facing child pornography charges, there are some women who happen to be gullible/stupid/blind enough--call it what you will--to believe that "he will change" or "it's a mistake and he's innocent." also, there are women out there who have extremely low self-esteem, and don't believe themselves worthy of anything better than guys like that.
and btw, if you are at the point that you need women who are this desperate, then i have to mourn your fall. ;D

Karl said...

Hmmm. Me mysogynistic? I hope not, but perhaps I am assuming that this is not something that just popped up out of the blue. I guess I think that this does not come up without some warning signs. And these warning signs should have tipped her off before they started on their road to marital bliss. Perhaps he was clever enough to hide the kiddie porn during their courtship, and this all came out later.

For all the women out there reading this, you should know that almost all of you are deserving of someone better that that.

bec said...

okay, you're not a misogynist, i just took issue with that one sentence.
but regarding warning signs, that's assuming that she's looking for "warning signs" or even knows what things constitute warning signs. i mean, if you think back to those insane college years and all of the crazy things you did (okay, i did a lot of crazy things that i'm not willing to disclose here) and many of those crazy things are fine as experimentation, fooling around, and just being crazy and in your early 20's. AND the other thing is just because it might be okay to tie someone up on monday, does not mean that they will necessarily want to be tied up on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, while eating blintzes off of that person's left foot. so conceiveably, this woman could have been possible with some of this stuff initially, as experimentation/role play etc, but then decided that she wasn't okay with it on a full scale everyday basis. and that's totally her right.
for all of the women out there reading this, please, one of you of the nicer variety, please date karl. he needs someone who's not afraid to kick his ass every now and then, but don't make him wear high heels, at least not on a daily basis.