Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Treif meals

Here is a question that came up over the all nighter I pulled with "A-" on the first night of Shavout: What is the most treif meal one can eat? Naturally it would have meat and dairy (preferrably goat meat and the milk of its mother) some blood product, nevilah, something pig so you get the paradigm case of treif and something rodent. I however have no imagination for this.
Added 5/16/05: Don't forget eiver min hachai.


Joclyn said...

A pig is not a rodent.

bec said...

a meal described to me today (which,after many years of being a treif and meat eater,made me feel pretty ill):
lobster with ginger and scallions
sea bass with vegetables and pork.
give me the sea bass, veggies, ginger, and scallions any day. please hold the chaza & crustaceans.

Shosh said...

Appetizer: rat, snake and vulture meat skewered with oven-roasted vegetables.
Main course: baby goat coated in bacon bits sauteed in cream sauce.
Dessert: chocolate covered ants and blood pudding (this really exists! It's scottish I think).

I googled cannibal recipes. Do not do this. Ever.

30 something said...

I like Shosh’s chocolate covered ants and blood pudding. But for it to truly qualify as the most trief meal ever it would have to be eaten of the ass of an Amalekite whore while sitting in a Bimah of a Shul on Yom Kippur.

Shosh said...

Oh man, that's brilliant. Karl, you up for it?

30 something said...

Any Amalekite prostitutes reading this blog please email Karl to make arrangements.