Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The new me: A self-help post

My new upcoming soon-to-fail self-help project is the following:

First, I am going to become a fashionista.

Second, I am going to try to make the adjectives "snarky", "tolerant", and "fabulous" describe my personality.

Any advice?


bec said...

look hon, be a fashionista if you must, just as long as you allow me complete access to your closet. and puleeze, get rid of those payless shoes and get yourself a pair of manolos!!! *oh! was i being too snarky?*

old carriage sports lounge said...

whoa, links are so scary--you never know who you'll run into. see, here...i just ran into bec: crazy. bec...what kind of words are you using? "hon," "puleeze"...and is a fashionista like a metrosexual sandonista?