Monday, March 21, 2005

The New Purses

Anyone who has been in New York lately, say the past year or so has noticed that lots and lots of women now use the pretty little bags they get from Victoria Secret as a purse. It is not just that lots of people walk around a lot with their most recent underware purchases in their bags, but many women actually use these bags for weeks to carry stuff.

I am sure these are sturdy bags, and it is great to see them being used over and over (I am sure my enviornmentalist friends are somewhat happy here). But after a little while they get all creased, and it really makes many otherwise normal-looking women look homeless - when they rifle through their bags full of crap just to pull out their buried Metrocard or lipstick.

I am not sure what I actually think of this phenomenon. My gut tells me that there is something very kitchy about all this, but my gut has been very wrong about these things.

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