Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Poland Needs Scapegoat, Hunts Jew

Here is an interesting piece. Poland wants Israel to extradite one Mr. Morel, age 86 for crimes against humanity.

Here is some background. Around 1946 and 1947 Poland (under Stalin's Juristiction) etnically cleansed itself of all its Germans, many of whom had been there for many generations. This amounted to the expusion of over 11 and a haf million people - the largest expusion in history. In the process over a million and a half people died and were killed. Some were killed while being "denazified" and others on their flight out of Polish territory. There were ostensively two main reasons for these deaths. The first was revenge. The second, and more important, was greed. There was the opportunity to seize a lot of land from Germans, as well as property and currency.

While there is some scholarship about this, Poland is not big on confronting its role in this ethnic cleansing. Suddenly they have found a scapegoat. No, it is not the barbaric culture that was WWII era Poland. No, it was not Stalin who ran camps. No it was not the Poles, who actually benefited from this. No. It was the people who had just lost their families in gas chambers and were themselves just liberated from Auschwitz. They are the criminals.

I cannot imagine how one judges someone who was just liberated from a concentration camp where 30 members of his family perished. But apparently Poland can. After all if you can blame the Jew, then the real culprit - the then-Polish Government - can wash its hands of the matter. Someone learned the lessons of history well - and they are trying really hard to repeat it.

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