Monday, January 24, 2005

I made it to Jerusalem

Something I forget every time I come to Jerusalem is what I am going to do when I get here. I arrived safely and I saw some distant relatives in Jerusalem. Not sure what comes next.

I left Istanbul just in time. I think I ran out of things that I wanted to do there. There were lots of stuff that were worth noting about Istanbul, and that I think is often true of travel in general. For example, for tourists, foreign countries are like strip clubs. There is always some bra that wants another dollar stuffed in it.

Hotels in Istabnbul have the strangest names. I passed places like the "Cartoon hotel" and the "Square hotel". Istanbul also hass too much pollution for me. Breathing Jerusalem air just feels a lot healithier.

My flight was fairly empty. It was quick and dull too. And while I know everyone hates airline meals, I think that I saw the worst looking one ever on my Istanbul-Tel Aviv flight. I could not even bear to look at it.

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Josie said...

It's tough to travel alone in a place like turkey where security is an issue (it's amazing how scary a pack of kids can be). Jerusalem is one of the best places in the world-I'm so envious :)
have fun