Sunday, March 28, 2004

Password concern

I was thinking about my passwords this aftrernoon. Most people, I assume, use the same password for everything they do online. If they register for the NYTimes, ebay, blogger, banks, stocks, and just about every service on the 'net. Is it me, or does that sound a bit dangerous? It only takes one of these services to be either unscrupulus or insecure for all these passwords to get out and endanger all these people. Some email servers require changes of passwords ever month or two. That is a good way to protect email. But what about everything else. If I just made people register for my site, thnen I could fish around the internet to see where their password works. Personally I use variations on the same passowrd for most of my things that need registration, but I sometimes have to sit around and guess which variation I used for which site. It is all scary and annoying. I hope none of these databases with all these passwords gets hacked in the near future.

People should probably have two passwords that they use. One for Their email, bank records, stock stuff, etc, and a second for the things that are not very secure, like newspapers, and spam crap.

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